A thoughtful blog on aquaculture sustainability

P’fisher’s, here’s a thoughtful blog in Seafood Source by Stephen Newman, Ph.D., a marine microbiologist.
The last two paragraphs of his article are pasted below:
The greater threat to global fisheries is global hunger and the inability of poorer countries to effectively regulate (not that all of the much better off economically countries do such a great job all the time). Aquaculture offers a potential solution and while it is not a panacea (there are none short of a drastic curtailment of population growth and reallocation of resources), there should be a greater focus on what really constitutes long term economic viability with a minimal environmental impact and a significant social benefit without dragging peripheral issues into this that cloud the issue and detract from what is the real issue.
I think that sustainable aquaculture can be addressed in a straightforward manner. Are the cultural practices of today sufficiently evolved to ensure that they can continue largely unchanged into the foreseeable future? Are there mechanisms in place that allow them to change as economic and social forces evolve to ensure this? What environmental impacts are truly consequential and what truly constitutes benign impacts? Let’s focus on the real issues instead of clouding it with issues that many believe have little to do with true long term sustainability.

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