Passionfish forum on seafood and ocean sustainability: June 6, 2010. Be there, afishionados!

P’fisher’s! ARE YOU READY? Oh yeah, we have another fin~tastic event coming up prontisimo in San Diego. Okay, specifically, at the Hotel Del Coronado on Coronado Island, an idyllic place within the San Diego metropolis! We promise amazing discussion, some of the wisest and passionate people you’ve ever met, sharing their thoughts on seafood and ocean sustainability — and engaging with YOU on your thoughts and concerns, as well.
Show up a few days early, like I’m going to. Browse, surf, eat seafood…the whole week is just a blast-o-rama-o-fun. Our very own Andrew Spurgin who is in hyperdrive running his Waters Fine Catering operation, somehow found the time to create a new nonprofit called Cooks Confab. Our Passionfish executive director Carl Rebstock is flying in from Seattle where he’s based, running a 20-state emergency medical operation for the US Army. And me, well, I’ll be there to try to make sure our forum runs smoothly. We have another office in New York run by Gerard Viverito, CEC. We do keep ourselves busy on this fishy biz.
Following our FREE forum is an incredible seafood dinner hosted by 1500 Ocean. Reserve right now if you would like to attend! Call (619) 522-8490. Digg it Netvouz Newsvine reddit StumbleUpon Wink Yahoo MyWeb

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