An Admirable Non-Profit: Living Lands & Waters

Passionfish readers: I want to let you know about an incredible nonprofit organization based in Illinois that has, since its inception, fished out about 4 million pounds of trash from several of our country’s rivers including the Mississippi and the Ohio. Inconceivable, right? The mountain of garbage they have removed includes refrigerators, bowling balls, automobile tires, dolls, vast amounts of styrofoam, you name it. It’s not a pretty picture. These hard-working people are directly saving and restoring ecosystems and are obviously worthy of all the support they can get. Take a look at this CBS News video about Living Lands & Waters, support this group, and think seriously about the impacts of dumping junk in our waterways. Thank you to Chad Pregracke and his team at Living Lands & Waters.
Also, if you haven’t seen the impact of the plastic floating around our planet, check out this story on Salon. (You’ll have to wait a bit for their advertisement to finish). Then, consider replacing your plastic grocery bags with a nice, sturdy cotton tote from us here at Passionfish. Digg it Netvouz Newsvine reddit StumbleUpon Wink Yahoo MyWeb

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