Repost: “Businesses are increasingly seeing sustainability as a precompetitive issue”


This blog in the UK Guardian is by our colleague Jason Clay of the World Wildlife Fund. Excerpt:
We need to produce more with less, by focusing on three strategies: productivity, efficiency and elimination of waste – while reducing per capita material consumption. No company is big enough to guarantee its sustainability of materials. That is why working together is essential for survival.
To wrap our hands around the issue, instead of trying to bring together thousands of companies, or convincing billions of consumers to change their behaviour, we’ve identified 100 companies that control 25% of the trade of 15 of the most significant commodities on the planet. If these companies demand sustainable products, they’ll pull 40-50% of production. That’s a manageable number. Digg it Netvouz Newsvine reddit StumbleUpon Wink Yahoo MyWeb

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